Colonial House

My Colonial House
This is my Colonial House. It is a four room New England Saltbox with central stairway hall, four fireplaces, electric lights, clapboard siding and a storage attic under its shingle roof. It was hand built in the late 1970's and filled with many pieces of handmade furniture, rugs and accessories including four tiny framed paintings.

Here you see it as I did when I purchased it.

Interior View

Blue Bedroom

The blue bedroom, furnished for a child, trundle bed for a visitor and toys.
Pink Bedroom

The pink bedroom, the master bedroom, an old-fashioned clothespin doll is napping on the lace trimmed bed.

The kitchen with its fireplace for cooking, food, utensils, a drysink, tin bathtub and Navaho style rug.

The formal livingroom, petitpoint carpet, beautiful panelled fireplace wall.

To come: photographs of the house redecorated with furniture from my collection.


Margaret Lew