The Keystone Mini Mansion

The Four-poster Bedroom.
Enlarged view.
Here we are again, waiting for Santa Claus. We have redecorated. New drapes, lace curtains, tile floor in the kitchen and more. In the "master bedroom" new blue wallpaper and flowery bedspread. The picture of the campanile on the dresser is from Bac Art Studio in Venice. Molte cose belle!
The Workroom
The Workroom
Enlarged view.
Nothing new here. We have taken out the decorations and wrapping paper to get the gifts ready for mailing early. Whoever is doing the ironing has left the iron face down on the board again, lucky it is not plugged in, or even an electric model, for that matter.
Children's Room
The Children's Room
Enlarged view.
A few new toys, by the bed in babushka and fading purple overalls is Valentina from Russia, when she emigrated it was still the USSR.
The Kitchen
Enlarged view.
So many changes in the kitchen -- fine new stove, new tile floor and pretty wallpaper. The curtains are my first attempts at bobbin lace. I made chair cushions to match the pelmet. The many breads and rolls on the baker's rack are proof that the kitchen renovations have inspired the cook. Christmas dinner is expected to be superb!
Dining Room
The Dining Room
Enlarged view.
They are back, the two angels are early this year. We are ready for them with a nice warm wool rug on the floor and table set for a party. Whoops! the punchbowl is empty, enjoy the Peruvian carols while we make more.
Living Room
The Living Room
Enlarged view.
Enjoy yourself here, read a magazine or try to guess what's in those pretty wrappings. Those drapes are new, made from samples of fabric from Souleiado in Paris, where I found practical souvenirs of our trip 2001.

Thanks for taking the tour!

Margaret Lew
November 2004

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