Sewing Room in the Attic

The sewing room was made for the Caseinminiatura's big dollhouse "La Casona" created to show off our miniatures at the 2009 edition of Miniaturitalia.

I constructed the room of foamcore, decorated all the interior walls, floor and ceiling and packed it flat in my checked luggage. At the show I put it together with masking tape and pins and installed it under the roof in the attic of the house.

In my sewing room are some purchased furniture pieces but many things that I made myself, including the ironing board, the baskets, dresses, chair cushions, hassock, dress pattern and folding screen. The sewing machine was made from a Chrysnbon kit.

Our Casona had 14 wonderful rooms and two terraces full of handmade miniatures. The house had kitchen, diningroom, living room, bedroom and bath on the second, third floors and 3 attic rooms under the roof. There were shops on the ground floor: decorator, florist, a perfume and candy boutique, antiques and junque shop, and a country grocery. We were awarded the prize for the best Italian table at Miniaturitalia! Best of all, we had a wonderful time putting the house together and greeting visitors who stopped to see it and buy our wares.

sewing room

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