The Keystone Mini Mansion Decorated for the Holidays


As usual, the Lew living room was too crowded for a Christmas tree, but there was space on the table by the window so we decided to bring the dollhouse up from the basement and decorate it. I dusted it off and outlined its roof with a string of mini lights. Some of the lights illuminate the rooms at night. Difficult to see in this picture -- a quintet of angels play their instruments on the chimney. The dolls and bears on the chair may or may not protect the premises from feline investigation. Because of the cats, no fine china or crystal was unpacked and displayed! We had the hardest time choosing the furniture from Bee's wonderful collection but here are the results. If you were 5 inches tall wouldn't you want to spend Christmas here?

Deck the Halls

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A Guided Tour

The Four-poster Bedroom & Part of The Workroom
In the master bedroom a beautiful four-poster with a soft mattress and a fine dresser & mirror. The silent canary sings in its gilded cage. There is a real Turkish rug on the floor.

The Workroom
The ironing board is up in the workroom, remains of package wrapping and tree decorating are still out on the table, the last packages for the mail are waiting in the dining room for delivery to the postoffice. The little white table and chairs are some of the original furnishings of the house.

The Children's Bedroom
On the other side of the workroom is the children's room. They have their own little tree and a dollhouse the looks a little like the Keystone mini mansion. The rocker looks so comfortable, maybe one of the Peruvian angels will fly up from the dining room to perch there and sing a lullaby tonight.

The Livingroom with Christmas Tree
Downstairs in the living room there is a pretty sofa, shiny brass fireplace tools and fender, red candles and cedar boughs on the mantle. Unseen, behind the tree, is a vintage brown plastic cabinet radio, part of the original furnishings of this house. In fact, the 10 X 11 inch dimensions of the living room made furnishing it a challenge. In the end, It resembles our own living room quite a bit.

The Dining Room with Peruvian Angels
Next door in the dining room the two Peruvian angel visitors sing next to the stairs. Have they finished all the punch from the punchbowl on our beautiful gateleg table? The rug is a bit of Hmong embroidery.

A table and two chairs... that's about all there is room for too, what were they thinking when this house was designed? Well, it's a project for Steve and Norm to tackle if they want to answer our letters to "This Old House" someday.

The Kitchen
In the kitchen: greens and eggs are on the table; pots on the stove; and plenty of firewood. We would love to have that black iron baker's shelf and the red canisters in our own kitchen. As I mentioned above, renovation has been interrupted for the holidays and this leaves the mini house with only a wood-burning kitchen stove, no running water and no refrigeration. All the lights and its electrical system have long since disappeared. The Keystone mansion is located in the temperate climate of our living room but its fireplace isn't connected to the chimney and there is no furnace nor any heaters. This, undoubtedly, will deter most prospective overnight guests. The only visitors who have shown up so far, are those two Peruvian angels who are apparently oblivious to the inconveniences, They seem content to play their instruments and smile. Of course, the punch may be responsible for their smiles and our living room is probably warmer than the Andes in Winter.

Photographs of the house were taken by Robin using a digital camera. He has rediscovered the challenge of tabletop photography. The house looks best at night with the mini lights on, but it's not a scene we can reproduce in photos.

Post Script

We found two Christmas trees -- the smaller one just right for the living room. The larger tree (11 inches tall) is about 3-1/2 inches higher than the living room ceiling. We put it up in our dining room on the china cabinet with two perfect red chairs and a fireplace with roaring tissue paper fire.

The Big Christmas Tree

Thanks for taking the tour!

Margaret Lew
Christmas 2002

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